About Rosa


Welcome to Rosa’s gifts and Art

My name is Rosa and I’m a self taught artist working mainly in watercolour and ink and I’m also a creator of some amazing gifts which you are sure to love and cherish. 

The vintage rustic wooden cubes and blocks are a fabulous and original gift idea. All lovingly created by hand. 
Whilst I’ve been creating my wooden photo cubes and blocks since 2015, I only began doing my Art on a Tuesday in order to help me get through lockdown in 2020.

Something relaxing, challenging and a creative way to just focus on something I truly love doing. In the summer  I’d paint in the garden, now it’s in my office in the warm. 

My art has been described as ‘Naive’ art.

Na├»ve art is usually defined as visual art that is created by a person who lacks the formal education and training that a professional artist undergoes. 

Mexican artist and one of my idols Frida Kahlo was classed as Naive Art so I’m happy to be labelled in the same category. (By the way a artist friend commented on my artwork saying it was Naive Art so I’m truly touched that they can see my potential) 

I’m so happy that my artwork and home made gifts brings joy to people.

Thank you to everyone who buys my gifts and art. In whatever form. It means alot and hugely appreciated. 

I love you all